Your Experience and What to Expect

Your Experience With Ann Latinovich

First, get excited, because we’re about to have fun! There are four major stages to working with Ann Latinovich Photography. The first is the Portrait Planning Session/Design Consult. This is where we plan for your shoot. We’ll collect all the information we need to ensure a successful photo session and answer any questions you might have about the process as well.

Your Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot is the second step and this is where the magic happens. Whether on-location or in-studio, prepare yourself for a unique experience. Ann’s energy and enthusiasm during the shoot is contagious, so please, come ready to have a good time! We know a lot of parents worry about their kids doing all the “right” things and presenting the perfect smile, but trust us, Ann’s got it under control. It’s important to her that you enjoy the experience of being photographed just as much as you’ll enjoy the finished product!

After Your Photo Shoot

After your photo shoot is complete, we’ll schedule your Ordering Session. It’s time to see the results! We’ll take this time to choose which images to display on walls, which to put into an album and which to gift to Grandparents.

Finally, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re picking up at the studio or we’re installing framed works in your home, we’ll be just as excited to share in the unveiling of your custom artworks.

Philosophy & Quality


In creating the ultimate in personalized product, we insist on meeting only the highest standards in quality by combining the latest in digital printing and sustainable resources.


In Fact, We’re Obsessed


Our obsession begins with our Fine Art Hahnemühle 308 gsm photo rag that’s been hand crafted in Europe with first-class expertise in tradition and modern printing know-how. Our prints meet the highest standards in museum-quality printing and complete with conservation framing, represent the ultimate in archival quality.


We guarantee the exclusiveness of your works of art. In following with our philosophy on quality, it’s imperative to us that you’re just as thrilled with your portraits as we are in creating them. We’re passionate about the service we offer and the work we produce.

A specialized team handles every aspect of creating your portraits, from the moment we begin our work together, until the moment we deliver your personalized works of art. We firmly believe it’s our ability to deliver a priceless legacy of creative portraits with our customers that keeps them recommending us again and again.