Ann’s Family Portrait Studio in Chicago

At Ann’s Chicago family photography studio, you’ll walk the corridors that once served as home to Frank Lloyd Wright, Lorado Taft, T.S. Eliot and E. E. Cummings, and many other legends.


Facing Lake Michigan, Ann’s family photography studio offers expansive windows offer an unforgettable panoramic view from this historical landmark. Fine Arts Building itself serves as the perfect setting for her boutique family photography studio. Built in 1898, The Fine Arts Building continues to serve as a local artist’s haven. Since the early 20th Century the Fine Arts Building has been a Chicago focal point for artistic and civic pursuit, its occupants impacting society both nationally and internationally. Now it’s a home to Ann Latinovich family photography studio.

Ann’s Family Portrait Studio


Ann Latinovich has been photographing families throughout Chicagoland over the last decade. Having had studios in both Chicago and NWI, Ann found her home in the historic Fine Arts Building in the year 2010.

Awesome Location


Located on Michigan Avenue, Ann’s studio is home to her creative musings. Featuring the ultimate in high quality product, her studio serves as both a place of artistic creation and client meeting space.

Interesting Fact


William Walace Denslow, whom illustrated the original edition of The Wizard of Oz was also a tenant of the Fine Arts Building.